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guymondo said in 5-18-2007 @ 10:02:34    

I’ve just seen an infestation of those Dr Who bugs in a house in Hackney. Would love to know what it is when you find out.

Hope to see you for Leeds Castle.


mooneye said in 5-18-2007 @ 14:25:05    

Bird and tree books? What? No Ant and Bee books? Well, I never!

I think the spiky blue flower is a cornflower, but I may be mistaken. Check this:

I’ll be back!



Paul said in 5-18-2007 @ 14:48:24    

Great photos! What camera are you using? I need to buy one.


David Wenk said in 5-23-2007 @ 11:43:09    

Thanks guys – I think the two beetles are both ladybirds, just at different stages of maturation. Re: the cornflower, it might be Centaurea cyanus but I’m guessing it’s Centaurea montana, the perennial cornflower. And Paul, the camera is a Canon PowerShot A80 – still doing well considering it’s about three years old.


Richard said in 5-25-2007 @ 13:21:49    

Hi David, I look after the gardens, the “bottle brush” is Persicaria bistorta “Superba”

under the peonies is a hardy Geranium, there are many in the border but it looks like G. cinereum.




David Wenk said in 5-25-2007 @ 14:02:42    

Thank you Richard! Have altered the captions to include the new information.

Are you familiar with dock pudding, and can you make it from this kind of bistort?



Richard said in 5-25-2007 @ 22:34:31    

not heard of dock pudding, as for making it with that according to google that’s the one to use (although Superba is a garden cultivar).. doesn’t sound very appetising though, better off in the Bell 😉