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mooneye said in 5-29-2007 @ 17:08:46    

Wow! Those books look like they’re made of fish-skin – hopefully not mooneye (hiodon tergisus) skin!

They’re beautiful, though.


Jonathan said in 7-7-2007 @ 08:32:52    

Is that a double 8 camera?


David Wenk said in 7-7-2007 @ 09:16:47    

No! It’s actually a very rare half sixteen camera. Specially modified and possibly one-of-a-kind.

Guy, any more details?



George durrant said in 4-23-2010 @ 16:03:41    

those are my dogs. bently + archie. trust me they wernt being playful. just to rove that they are it was fairborne barn alnog a bridal way. well thanks for puting them up. they a very happy to hear that they are on the world wide web.