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Paul said in 5-30-2007 @ 14:27:22    

I used it as wallpaper for 2 seconds . . . until I saw it had a big advertisement in the bottom left corner. No thanks.


mooneye said in 5-30-2007 @ 14:28:39    

Thank you very much! Works great – lovely pic. Just for that, I’ll email you one of the pics that has been sitting on my computer.


mooneye said in 5-30-2007 @ 14:38:33    

Say, is that you walking away in the middle ground? Looks like you… except the haircut… But it’s been a while since I saw the hair! Your “English Country Walks” in the corner didn’t bother me!


mooneye said in 5-30-2007 @ 14:54:50    

Oh – Now I read more carefully – Ed? Edwin??