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mooneye said in 7-2-2007 @ 18:51:02    

And a happy birthday from this side of the “pond” as well. Don’t know whether you’ll appreciate this but I thought of you on your birthday as I watched a fine Hammer movies classic, “The Devil Rides Out” from 1968 with Christopher Lee.


Ben said in 7-3-2007 @ 13:50:44    

The Curlew lunch looks great! Very good photos.


Miranda said in 7-3-2007 @ 17:11:56    

Sorry I missed it. Glad you had a good day. Plenty of pubs, definitely the way forward! Miss M


Tobias said in 7-4-2007 @ 09:20:38    

Looks amazing and I definitly regret not coming with you…
I hope that we find time to catch up this week … maybe today ??


Don said in 7-4-2007 @ 12:14:35    

looks like a fantastic time out. wish i could have joined. happy birthday.


Peat said in 7-4-2007 @ 13:11:34    

Man, is it possible to take a bad picture of Bodiam Castle? That place looks amazing regardless of the weather.

Looks like you had a great time.


Martin said in 7-4-2007 @ 15:49:26    

It was shocking to hear you lost at pool, but congratulations on braving the weather to find alternative locales for your binge drinking. Doing one of these in Tokyo anytime soon?


stephanie said in 7-4-2007 @ 18:26:33    

Lovely colour in those photos. And the food alone makes the walk tempting. I was so into the beauty of the culinary pictures that I thought the billiard balls were tomatoes!


Darrell said in 7-5-2007 @ 19:05:32    

Looks like fun, David. Wish we could have been there – maybe someday. England isn’t so far…:).



Ryan said in 7-5-2007 @ 19:40:55    

Amazing photos, better than professional. (I want that soup!)


Dale, Dom & Tilly said in 7-5-2007 @ 19:43:01    

Looks like a good day out – how many miles was the walk? It looks like you spent most of the day checking out pubs! (only kidding) Great photos. We’ll see you on a walk in a few weeks.


arvind said in 7-5-2007 @ 22:07:29    

man those pics are awesome..what camera and lens setup are you using?!


David Wenk said in 7-7-2007 @ 09:21:04    

Hi Arvind, thanks! It’s just a humble little Canon A80 digital. Good camera for the money, not sure if they’re still making that exact model though.



Jonica said in 7-14-2007 @ 00:59:04    

Hello David,

Thank you for sharing your hike with me. I definately wish that I was there!!!

Please change my e-mail address to

Belated happy birthday!!



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