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mooneye said in 7-17-2007 @ 20:11:53    

Hello there! This time out, some of your pics reminded me of specific movies… The Toby Jugs reminded me of 1949’s “12 o’Clock High” in which a Toby Jug figures prominently.
Then, of course there are those poppies – poppies – poppies from “the Wizard of Oz”…


stephanie said in 8-17-2007 @ 17:08:02    

Lovely pictures and obviously superb weather. I’d really like to see a picture of Cuckmere haven if you ever get the chance. All very Eric Raviliousy countryside, although the light a bit too sunny-looking to evoke the mood of his paintings. Marvelous viewing. Thanks!


mildred said in 3-2-2010 @ 10:40:27    

This walk seems lovely, but i wouldn’t hug a tree!! I think you should have made up a name instead of frickin Russel!!! and Tim!!! but there you go !! Me and my followers will be following this walk shortly and i hope not to see you there! x x x


mooneye said in 10-28-2012 @ 03:16:02    

Ah! Now I know the horse from personally meeting him! A nice beastie.

Perhaps I’ll get to see you in person someday soon-ish. Maybe…