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Joey said in 7-24-2007 @ 15:17:09    

That looks like a wonderful walk. It will be a permanent memory in the smiles and stories of Brenda and Alma! my sisters made it!! 🙂 Thanks David


stephanie said in 7-24-2007 @ 18:03:50    

it’s really clear you had a marvelous time. Wish I had been there. Doesn’t the sunlight on things look gorgeous?


anna jenner said in 7-24-2007 @ 21:31:33    

wow! i’m jealous. this walk looks fabulous and the photographs and info are really impressive – well done!


Myles said in 7-24-2007 @ 23:14:39    

Hi David

Sunday’s walk really exceeded all my expectations. Barely 75 mins from London, we enjoyed beautiful countryside, tranquil scenes and memorable pubs with excellent food and drink – highly recommended!

Many thanks David


Dickie said in 7-25-2007 @ 10:55:58    

Looks like a fun day out. I’d have to watch the ale otherwise I might just stay in the pub and call a cab. Like the use of diagonals in the photos I’m such a boring old straight up and down snapper.


brenda said in 7-25-2007 @ 18:54:21    

hi david!! i have just floated back down to earth after that magnificent walk!!it was an experience i’ll never forget-i thought country scenes,chocolate box houses, quaint beautiful little pubs,and castles existed only in films and books–it was fantastic to be a part of it!many many thanks–you’re truly an inspiration!! brenda


Alma said in 7-26-2007 @ 20:33:12    

Hi David! I enjoyed this country side of London very much and am so glad that my sister and I chose to be part of the nature filled walk! I will always treasure the company as well as every nature filled moments…wheat fields, flowers, horses, cows, pathways through the forests, the beautiful sky on that perfect Sunday, the pubs, which all led to Leeds castle! Thanks for the wonderful experience…what a memory to have forever!