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stephanie said in 8-1-2007 @ 22:50:49    

About the ripe blackberries. They usually aren’t ready until September. There was a segment about the earlier than usual signs of autumn on BBC 4 today. Blackberries featured prominently. Isn’t it interesting how those ants on the acorns imitate the look of ripening blackberries? Very strange!


liske said in 8-2-2007 @ 17:05:23    

I never knew Essex was so pretty. The weather was great. The perfect antidote to smoggy, hectic London!


Mike Rothschild said in 8-2-2007 @ 18:05:46    

Ahh, our old stomping grounds. Did you know that Essex is typically one of the driest parts of the world? ONe day Steve and I will get to join you on one of your walks.