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Frankster said in 9-27-2007 @ 18:31:30    

Expert use of a camera old bean!

I shall deffo come along on a walkie quite soon, perhaps even this week …



Dale, Dom & Tilly said in 9-27-2007 @ 21:26:30    

Great photos as always Mr Wenk! And you had great weather too! Be seeing you on a walk v.soon. us3x


stephanie said in 9-28-2007 @ 15:25:50    

I had no idea the New Forest animals roamed so freely. What an opportunity to see them AND take memorable photos. Looks like a good walk.


David Lonsdale said in 9-30-2007 @ 18:09:30    

Hello David
I must congratulate you on the progress you have made and the quality of the photographs. I have been retired for 1 year now and loving it. Hopefully my wife Helen and I will join you on one of your walks in the near future.


Ross Bell said in 7-11-2010 @ 19:19:31    

These wonderful photos make me so homesick. Now living in Aberdeen, I was born in Lyminton and spent much of my early days living in Christchurch, Bournemouth with my grandparents. My thanks to the skill of the photographer for catching my home area so brilliantly.