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sue h said in 10-17-2007 @ 20:06:41    

This batch of delightful pics made it look like the most fun trip yet (or “funnest”)! – Am I wrong or did that “Robin” sign have an imported robin pictured on it? The North American variety, I mean…


Adam G. said in 10-18-2007 @ 15:49:17    

Hi David, the genus and species names are a nice touch, and the photo that Zac took is great (right down to your shaving scars).

Your comment about Zac’s not being sufficiently well behaved to patronize the restaurant in shot 39 was funny because I had just thought to myself that he must be a remarkably well behaved child to endure the company of adults for so long, to say nothing of appearing to enjoy a breakfast that does NOT consist of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.


stephanie said in 10-18-2007 @ 15:54:27    

The pictures left me smiling. I love the variety, too. The snaps of the railway engine brought back memories of the time when steam trains were the way to go. Sounded like a very varied and enjoyable trip. Hope I’ll be able to take a walk with you very soon. s


Rose said in 10-18-2007 @ 18:19:08    

poor horse and cart. Those apples remind me of home. As always, such nice shots. Love from steamy Senegal.


Linda said in 10-18-2007 @ 18:51:32    

It looked wonderful – and your knack of serendipity makes your walks extra special!
By the way, was the snail laughing or about to vomit?


lassona said in 10-18-2007 @ 23:10:21    

Breathless. Nice photos to add to my little album. 🙁


Ann Pattemore said in 10-19-2007 @ 08:51:27    

Dear David,

Thanks for the info. Enjoyed the pictures. Sadly, a local man was killed in the tragedy, so suggest with respect maybe delete this one!! Look forward to maybe seeing you in the future.



Kate Harper said in 10-22-2007 @ 09:34:29    

Wonderful pics. I spent several summer holidays in Somerset as a child and the photos brought back some very happy memories.


Kenny said in 5-12-2011 @ 16:26:05    

very nice pictures and the train ones were good too! Best wishes.


Ian Coleby said in 11-6-2011 @ 20:53:11    

The walk is being run again on 27 Nov ember 2011. This time from Williton to Bishops Lydeard so that you can see the other half of the railway! Full details from