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mooneye said in 2-4-2008 @ 23:01:03    

Glad to see you back after all this time! Looking forward to more photos – I liked the spooky ones in this batch!
—sue h


Brad said in 2-6-2008 @ 01:52:50    

Great day out! Enjoyed myself, although I look pretty ‘rough’ in the photos. Looking forward to a springtime walk….


John E said in 2-10-2008 @ 00:50:09    

What a beautiful walk — Stonehenge, the countryside, the vintage architecture, and a pub along the way. Thanks for the beautiful photos.


Bruce said in 11-6-2010 @ 01:07:50    

I love the picture of the tallest trilithon stone. It shows the arc on the frond and the straight flat surface on the back. I do not know why its that shape. Fantastic website, great pictures! Bruce


T.C. said in 12-18-2010 @ 06:20:41    

Hi Brad! Long time. If you get this message, please contact me at above email address.