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Dale said in 3-2-2008 @ 21:30:21    

Hi David,
great photos as usual! And you really were quick enough to get a shot of that vintage car in Aldbury! Thanks for a great walk.


stephanie said in 3-18-2008 @ 12:26:43    

Just checking as I haven’t for a while. The name Berkhampstead rings a bell. I’ll check it out, but I think Graham Greene lived there. Might interest a fan. s


stephanie said in 3-18-2008 @ 12:32:05    

yes. He was born there – and you spelt the name right, unlike me. It fits rather well, because he was a great traveler as well as writer.


Judy Love said in 7-18-2008 @ 21:06:10    

Stocks Country House used to belong to Hugh Heffner (of Playboy/bunnies fame). One of the suites is his former bedroom suite.


mooneye said in 2-5-2009 @ 20:48:51    

Shot #24 is of a wild man. Like, the kind that needed “the Baptist”. IMHO. You do see figures like this in art history.


Baz said in 4-23-2009 @ 22:59:23    

Stocks Country House used to belong to VICTOR LOWNES (of Playboy/bunnies fame).


tedsmum said in 9-28-2011 @ 20:57:32    

What wonderful pictures! I feel as if I have walked with you already. Bit miffed that your pics of our glorious Chiltern hills are better than mine but put a link to you on my blog @
not that a lot of people read it I’m afraid! fiona