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Christopher said in 3-2-2010 @ 15:48:42    

Looks good. Am thinking about joining you for one of these. Maybe Leeds Castle, and we’ll persuade Peter to come too. How long is the Leeds Castle walk? (Bearing in mind my current feeble condition.)


sue h said in 3-2-2010 @ 17:38:49    

Great! Glad to see you back – BTW, a terrible thing happened the other day! My English Country Walks bumper magnet flew off my car somewhere between Latham and Saratoga! Horrors!


David Wenk said in 3-3-2010 @ 02:19:16    

Sue – oh no! I guess that makes mine that much more of a collector’s item.

Christopher, that would be great. I can make it as long or as short as you’d like. I’ll be in touch soon.